Saturday, August 6, 2016

Changes in Time

We all change in our life.  If we didn't, we may not survive.  I have changed a great deal since my youth.  I've been married for many years, raised children, still raising some, worked part-time, volunteered, and now I'm starting a new part of my life.  I am starting a full time job after many years of being a mom and full time caregiver.  It will be very different.  We all are preparing for the changes.  Hello crockpot!
I have been teaching my kids to cook and do many more chores around the house.  It has to be done by someone! 

I cannot wait to join the workforce with benefits!  I have worked for ten years part time with no benefits and job security.  I love my work, it's important.  I know I can make a difference in my new position that is so unlike what I am currently doing.  I'm thankful for the opportunity.  Thanks for listening!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring is for enjoying your yard

I can't think of a more pleasant time of year than spring.  If you live in a four climate area, spring reminds you that all things have a season.  It is a little chilly here today but the sun is shining bright.  The birds are feeding their young. The yard sales are all around. 

Here is a recent picture of my front flower bed that is mostly planted with evergreens of different colors and shapes.  They have really taken off this spring. 

I really love the Japanese Maple tree my husband bought me for my birthday two years ago.  My girls planted all the pots around the house last weekend for Mother's Day.  If we don't have a really hot summer, we may manage to keep them alive.  The backyard vegetable garden is going strong.  The tomatoes are blooming and the cucumbers have popped out of the ground.  One new plant that we added this year is Brussel sprouts.  I can't wait to see how they do.  Have a great springe everyone!


Monday, May 9, 2016

April, where did you go?

April, where did you go?  It's May already and our garden is planted.  A lot happened in April.
My sweet young daughter took a jet plane from our home town to the big city in a medical jet plane.  It was her first flight and she made sure to call her sister and rub it in a little. 

The nurses on this flight were specialist in emergencies like hers.  They said she was the happiest sick kid they ever saw.  We owe a lot to them for keeping everything calm. 

She had been having "spells" of passing out, being dizzy, black vision, and not being able to hear.  I took her in January to the doctor for a check up when she first passed out in P.E.  A heart doctor told me that he consulted with a specialist about her heart rhythm and she was okay even with some interesting rhythms going on. 

By April, it hit again after a virus.  I gave her over the counter meds and she complained that her heart was racing or as she put it-Mom I feel I'm having tachycardia .  I stopped the meds and she got over the virus.  A few days later, I get a call from school and she said that she passed out again in the library.  I picked her up.  The doctor called later that day and I said that he "had" to do something.  Anything.  He suggested a heart monitor that had direct contact with a company that could alert him if there were problems.  He said just send her to school and come after she gets home to put it on. 

She didn't even make it 2 hours before she called me in a panic to tell me she couldn't read her sheet music during music class.  Her vision went black again while sitting down.  I immediately went to the heart doctor and picked up the monitor.  I took her to work with me and then we went home.  While at home the company kept calling me and asking what is she doing?  I said sitting on the couch.  We have to call the doctor right now.  I asked what did it show on the monitor?  We can't tell you but he will call if necessary. 

By afternoon and a few phone calls from the monitoring agency, the doctor called and said that she would have to be admitted to ICU in another city.  I told the doctor that I didn't feel comfortable driving three hours with her in the car.  We were sent to the ER in our town and then the fun began.  They said we would take an ambulance ride.  Well, I guess it was more urgent than they thought and flew us in a jet to the larger city with the heart experts!

She had a fixable heart rhythm problem that made her heart race up to 250 plus beats per minute and back down again.  The rhythm was so off that we were very scared.  It had extra beats called PAC's and PVC's in it. 

We spent 4 days in the city and the great doctor fixed her heart in a 4 hour surgery.  We went home the very next day!  She was back at school on Monday morning.  Today marked a great day for her because she could be active again.  So, that's where April went!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Multiple Sclerosis sucks

Multiple Sclerosis sucks.  The pain, numbness, weakness, memory problems, bladder problems and many other symptoms that really bore most people.  They are real to us that suffer the daily problems that are invisible to most.  The fatigue, loss of balance, loss of jobs, loss of the freedom to be "normal".  The person that lets the kids down when you have to say you can't do that today.  The person who's middle name is "tired".  The person that has a hard time committing to future things as you never know if you can do it when the time comes.  It really sucks when you can't even enjoy summer after a long, cold winter.  You have to always know where the bathroom is wherever you may go.  It sucks to say no to so many things.  Ok, I'm done for now.  I'm tired....

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Night Magic

This beautiful art piece is titled Night Magic.  It was created in the 1950's or so by artist Phil Paradise.  It's my very favorite piece in my home.

I started collecting his work about 15 years ago after purchasing 2 pieces at an auction.  They are drawings of a couple getting married in South America.  Phil Paradise and many other artists began trying to sell their works in the 1930's.  You can imagine that they really were "starving artists".  These artists then were drawn together by a company to sell "art of the month" club.  You received artwork in the mail every month and if you liked it, you paid for it. 
These two pieces were on my wall for many years before I was able to locate any information about Phil.  I was able to purchase this piece from Ebay many years ago.  I love horses and I love the abstract art in this piece. 

I own six pieces by this artist.  Two very large ones hang in my living room.  The subjects are again native people of South America.  Everyone that comes in my home notices them and comments.  They, too, were purchased off of Ebay many years ago.  Phil Paradise has passed away since I started collecting his works.  More pieces of his show up in auctions all the time.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I will post another piece of his soon.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Artwork-a picture in time

I love artwork.  Mainly because I can pick something up that another person has put their ideas to work on canvas.  I am not an artistic person but that doesn't stop me from having a home full of it.  This piece that hangs in my hallway was created by Eleanor King.  She has a great bio online if you are interested. 

This piece was done with ink and coffee.  Yes, you heard right--coffee.  She discovered this technique by spilling coffee on her work.  It is of a barge on the river in Memphis.   

I have many other works on my walls that I will be sharing with you.  You may be asking, "Where are you getting such works of art?"  Well, most of you already know that we frequent  garage sales and flea markets.  We purchase what we like that are signed by the artist.  Some works we purchased for as little as a dollar.  Many, we have had for years, and just recently found out more about the creator thanks to the internet. 

I hope you come back for more samples of what we use to decorate our home.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Very Beautiful November Day

It has been a very beautiful day here in the middle of the US.  The weather channel has predicted that we would have warmer than average temperatures for November.  I love it.  Today, my husband and I worked on the yard.  He replanted a lot of my house plants in preparation for winter indoors.  He also brought all the remaining hot peppers, tomatoes and herbs that still are blooming inside for the only south facing window we have. 

I love watching birds all year round.  I also have 3 pet birds.  I moved the hummingbird feeders and brought them in for the winter.  I replaced them with seed feeders.  Two now sit in front of my big window in the front yard. I have two on the deck as well.  I gave up having them in the back yard as I don't get to fill them up as I would like due to the very cold winters here. 

Tomorrow will be beautiful as well.  I will wash my quilt and hang it out to dry. I will enjoy nature while it's so warm.  I cannot believe our luck this year.

My pantry is full of good foods to chose from.  I can make so many great dishes.  Today, I baked a frozen cobbler for my family to enjoy with fresh coffee.  I put on a stew for supper.  You know it smells good when your teenager says so! 

I made a stop at the grocery store today to stock up on great buys.  Pasta for .49/lb!  Cake mixes for .49 each!  My daughter will drink chocolate milk.  It was her lucky day as it was $2.77 a gallon.  She grabbed a glass as soon as she brought it in the house.  Frozen veggies where $1.00/bag.  I usually find them cheaper but these included spinach, chopped onions, chopped peppers, chopped celery and carrot mix, and Brussel sprouts.  I love the diced onion/pepper mix as it makes a fast dinner with fried potatoes.  Next week, I will stock up on the best sales of the season. 
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. 

Momathome  :)